How to Choose a Good Plumber

Many people think that they can handle basic plumbing needs, and many people can easily fix the leak under the sink, clean the drains and even replace faucets.  However, for some things to do with water, plumbers are just essential. 

The key is determining whether you need a plumber for your job and finding the right one for your needs.

When you need a plumber…
…You need a plumber.  It's that simple.  So, if you're a do it yourselfer who is thinking that can easily move some plumbing around in your house or if you are thinking of fixing that leaking pipe behind your shower, you might run into much more trouble than it's actually worth for you. 

Any time that you need to add, or move plumbing, or you need to get into the walls to fix a leak that you likely have but haven't pinpointed, you are going to want to plan on hiring a plumber to help you with the task.  You wouldn't try to do the plumbing in a new construction if you didn't know exactly how, would you? 

For the average do-it-yourselfer
Now, if you're the average do-it-yourselfer with a basic understanding of plumbing, then it's likely that you can probably change a faucet.  You can probably fix basic leaks, either in the pipes below the kitchen or bathroom sink and maybe even around the toilet.  You will likely be able to fix a leaking faucet and might even be able to fix your outdoor spigot.  You will likely be able to change a toilet and do some basic drain unclogging.

This makes you handier than most people, but you will likely still need to call a plumber once in a while and when it's time, you should just go ahead and do it.  You'll save time and money - as well as embarrassment.

How to find the right one for you
Now it's time to find the right plumber for your needs.  Do yourself a favor and listen to what your friends, family and neighbors have to say about what plumber they use and which ones are a good choice.  There is usually a friend who has a friend that is a plumber and does side jobs.  This is fine, but you still want to know that they won't rip you off.

Make sure that any plumber you call will provide you with their licenses and proof of insurance when you ask.  If you're project is being pre-planned, make sure that you get a quote in writing and that you check your plumber out before you hire him or her.

If you have an emergency, it's likely that you're going to be flipping through the phone book as fast as you can.  In this case, consider some of the plumbing trucks or vans that you have seen in your area.  Which trucks or vans stood out the most to you?  Have you seen ads on television?  This usually means that the plumber is financially established, and that means that you can feel confident that they have a strong client base already.  Usually, these are the plumbers you want to call.

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