How To: Home Flooring to Accentuate your Home

Flooring in various colors, patterns, and textures set a room’s ambiance and mood. There are innumerable variations in materials today, most meant to last a lifetime. So even flooring that is expensive up front may be relatively inexpensive when you consider its longevity.

Flooring from old photos and historic homes can be imitated with new, long lasting materials. Flooring can be functional, decorative, elegant, artsy, or practical. There is flooring that will fit any taste, home style, or budget. The flooring that is still widely chosen is hardwood. No other material evokes the strong feelings of sentiment as wood flooring.

Despite the new and modern materials that consumers have to choose from, wood flooring can be found in home in virtually any neighborhood in any town. Natural wood floors are still many a homeowners’ first choice. Wood floors have no rival in creating a homey atmosphere that welcomes homeowners and guests. From traditional to modern and contemporary cuts, wood floors compliment any décor and statements of taste.

Some home builders that want a floor with a more modern look choose parquet instead of traditionally cut planks that have been a mainstay during the past few decades. Prefinished hardwoods make great choices for any style home whether it’s country, modern, ranch, or Victorian. Color and pattern choices are seemingly endless. While darker choices like mahogany are perfect for more formal settings while the lighter and more rustic looks lend themselves to more casual areas. Color combinations can be installed together to create complex patterns with intricate designs. This gives a room a rich look even with the sparsest of furnishings.

Today’s hard woods are engineered for long lasting durability. Wood is layered in a crossways pattern for strength. This engineered flooring is real hard wood, not synthetic, and can hold more weight than any flooring of the past.

These floorings are also much easier to maintain. Gone are the days of paste wax and buffing on your hands and knees. These floorings are treated with multiple coats of urethane and cured with aluminum oxide. But you don’t have to be a chemist to understand that all you need for these floors is a dust mop and occasional wood cleaner to keep it shining.

The flooring options that are most popular are:

  • Oak - very long lasting quality hardwood, comes in several shades, tight grain that works well in semi-formal areas
  • Ash - beautiful light texture with a uniform grain
  • Pine - considered a soft wood but durable enough that some pine floors have been around for hundreds of years
  • Birch - considered a soft wood, wonderful grain with a wandering, fun, grain
  • Fir - softwood that has a patchy dark grain
  • Bamboo - a natural fiber that can be as durable as hardwood
  • Walnut, Cherry, and Teak are the three most elegant and expensive floorings.

Hard wood flooring is so timeless and lasting; making it the choice for the floors in your home is a wise decision and investment in the value of your home.

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