How To: Home Security Alarm System Features

Any basic home security alarm system will include similar components. There will be a control    panel, access monitors, a keypad, alarm sound components, and a remote control station in the case of monitored systems. If you want or need more advanced features you will find systems that incorporate smoke detectors, glass breaking detection, motion detectors, and panic buttons.

Most people equate home security as a burglar alarm. Though this is the primary function of such a system, they can also alert you to smoke from a fire or glass breakage during a storm. They function to protect your home and its inhabitants whether it is from a burglar or something else. The smoke detectors are a great add on. The fire department may be alerted before you even know there is a problem.

Glass break detectors are activated by the sound of breaking glass. This is an advanced feature that more consumers are looking for in home security. Many home security system alarms are set off when a door or window is opened, and burglars know this. With these systems if a window is broken to gain entrance the alarm may not sound. Broken glass detectors are an added feature that is valuable in these cases.

Another feature that is popular in home security systems is a panic button. This hand held device can be kept close to you by strategic placement in the living areas of the house. This allows the homeowner to call for immediate help at the push of a button. The alarm can be set for an audible siren or the call can be silent.

Motion detectors are another add on that you might want to consider. Motion detectors are the second line of defense against intruders. If they manage to get past the door and window alarms their activity in the building will set off the additional alarm. The motion detectors must be strategically placed to pick up activity of the intruder. They may be loud to scare away the intruder, or silent to allow the authorities to catch the burglary in progress.

Home security alarm systems can be as complete as your needs dictate. You can pick and choose among features that will make you feel more secure. Most burglars know how to get around standard systems, but a system that has a few of the advanced add-ons may trip up his plans to relieve you of your property.

Your home and family need the safety provided by a home security system, and the options available come in many different price ranges. Some insurance companies will give you better rates on homeowners insurance with a system in place. So no matter what your budget you can find home security alarm systems to meet your needs.

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